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Flying the NASS Flag at Premiere Industrial Expo

Nass Marine Services, Abrasive Technology Industries, Nass Commercial, and Nass Industrial Services, also known as Nass Mechanical Contracting, were selected to fly the NASS flag at the Gulf Industry Fair 2015 (GIF), which took place at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre from February 3 to 5. “Nass Corporation’s presence provided GIF visitors with the opportunity to take advantage of its expertise. We are proud that one of Bahrain’s major corporate success stories sees value in taking part in the fair,” commented Jubran Abdulrahman, Managing Director of HCE, the exhibition organisers.


Nass Industrial Services
Nass Industrial Services is a pioneer in the integrated design, procurement, construction, and project management of oil & gas plant, refinery facilities. Since last five decades, customers have relied on its expertise to deliver world class engineering & construction services to many refineries as well as downstream plants, pipeline, off sites & utilities, offshore & onshore facilities, tank farms, and terminal facilities.

Nass Marine Services
Specialised in the building of small to medium sized vessels, ship repairs, and the application of new technologies in the marine industry, Nass Marine Services’ Bahrain shipyard is well-placed to manufacture 18 barges a year ranging from 120-250 feet. The company is also working on a project involving the assembly of small jack-ups designed for the routine maintenance of larger jack-up units, thereby enabling them to remain in
operation on station.

Abrasive Technology Industries
As a highly sophisticated factory for cutting and grinding wheels in the region, Abrasive Technology Industries has become a hub for global abrasives trading, offering both local and international clients high-quality products and efficient logistical support. The ATI products have entered the European market since mid of 2014 under the dealership of a foreign brand name.

Nass Commercial
Nass Commercial is a Trading and Service Support arm of Nass Corporation, progressing stronger in the industry for the past 2 decades. The company represents various international manufacturers and provides comprehensive sales, distribution, spare parts and after-sales
service facilities. Having association with various reputed manufacturers of equipment/products from different parts of the world. Recently, the division set its partnership with BAPCO for the sole distribution of new line of Bapco Lubricants into the market.

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