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Eleven Million Man-Hours without an LTI

Nass Corporation’s Construction Platform collectively achieves another significant milestone on the Bapco Modernization Project

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Nass Corporation’s Construction Platform recently completed Eleven Million Man-Hours on the Bapco Modernization Project without a Lost Time Incident (LTI).

This achievement follows the recent announcement from the Client “Bapco” where the entire BMP achieved a collective Twenty Million Man-Hours without an LTI.

Acknowledging the significance of the occasion, Nass Contracting’s General Manager, Mr Nigel Hector, said:

“Nass Contracting previously achieved similar milestones on the Alba Line 6 Expansion Project. Work shortly began on the Bapco Modernization Project, after the successful completion of the Alba Line 6 Expansion Project. With a peak manpower exceeding 4,000 personnel on-site, this is a tremendous achievement for all of the Project teams”.

Nass Corporation arranged for a celebration ceremony in the Nass Contracting Head Office, where the Board member of Nass Corporation and Chief Executive Officer of Nass Contracting, Mr Ghazi Nass congratulated the Management responsible for the achievement and recognised their commitment towards Occupational Health and Safety with a ceremonial plague.

The Nass Corporation Construction Platform who contributed to this achievement included: Nass Contracting who was represented by the Senior Project Manager Mr Ian Gill, the Divisional Manager for Nass Industrial Services Mr Gianfranco Stefanoni, the Divisional Manager for Nass Asphalt Mr John Patrick Mckeaney, the Operations Manager for Nass Scafform Mr Lee Robson, and the General Manager for Delmon Readymix and Delmon Precast Mr Jon Mottram.

After the celebration, the Senior HS&E Manager for the Construction Platform, Mr Andries Van Wyk added:

“Any day without an injury is a good day, so we are incredibly proud of our teams for this wonderful achievement. This achievement was not the first of its kind within the Nass Construction Platform, and it certainly won’t be the last. What makes this achievement incredibly special is the period in which it was achieved, with added challenges caused by Covid-19 and the summertime working conditions, our Construction Divisions achieved a remarkable milestone. Despite these challenges, the teams from all Divisions worked incredibly hard to reach this milestone”.

The Management of Nass Corporation also wishes to extend their gratitude to all the support teams, to the Client, Bapco, and the Main Contractor, TTS JV. Together, the Project continue raising the bar on Occupational Health and Safety, which ultimately keeps our workers safe and sets the standards for others to follow.

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