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Rehabilitation of Arad Highway

Ministry of Works

Ministry of Works

Main Contractor:
Nass Asphalt

Muharraq, Bahrain

Project Value:
BD 985,000


Main works :

  • Rehabilitation of 6 lane carriageway including excavation,sub-bases, asphalt base courses approx. 160,000m² and asphalt wearing courses approx. 80,000m².
  • Replacement of approx. 7000lm of road kerbs.
  • Replacement of existing gullies.
  • Installation of new service ducts.
  • Road markings.
  • Installation of traffic light loop.

Additional works to contract.

  • Sewer and water main renovation.
  • Construction of block paving footpaths approx. 19,000m²
  • Block paving parking areas.

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