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Bayside Development

Consultant: HAJ

Main Contractor:
Nass Contracting Co. WLL

Location: Janabiya, BAH

Project Value: BD 1,100,000

Al Nakheel Resort & Spa Development

Dredging & Reclamation Contract and Construction of Mock-up Villa for the Al Nakheel Resort and Spa Development.

Marine and land preparation with following details:

  • Dredge (excavate) the marine area of plot to 2.5m NSD approximate quantity is 42,590m3. The dredging permit from AEWARD was issued in two stages, the first dredging permit was issued for excavation up to -1.5m NSD during October 2013, and second stage dredging permit was issued for excavation up to -2.5m NSD during January 2014.
  • Reclaim landmass by filling approximately 31,856m3 and the lagoon area, usingdredged (excavated) material
  • Build two protection bunds (groynes) into the ocean and do some edge protection to the landmass with approximately 3,460m3 approved rock material from the local Askar quarry.
  • Build a beach between the protection bunds- approximate quantity is 8,245m3
  • Build a new island in the ocean on the north western side of the plot approximate fill quantity is 1,648m3
  • Remove suitable fill material overlying a layer of unsuitable material and fill to the open areas with this material (class 4). The approximate quantity is 7,689m3. This is a provisional cost item.
  • Remove unsuitable material from the Villa cluster area, and spoil it in the designated Municipal spoil areas at Askar. The approximate quantity is also 7,689m3. This is a provisional cost item.
  • Fill the villa cluster areas with class iv fill material. The approximate quantity is 46,900m3
  • Install a new 700mm diameter, glass reinforced plastic, storm water drainage outfall line, length is 634m, including 10 manholes and 1 outfall structure
  • Remove old storm water line, length is 358m and demolish 4 existing manholes.
  • Construct a concrete and block work shell and core for a 90m2 villa.

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