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Diyaar Al Muharraq Company WLL

H A J / Davis Langdon / Scott Wilson

Main Contractor: Nass & Great Lakes JV

Project Value:
Stage 1 : BD 78,935,249
Stage 2 : BD 78,212,976

Location: Diyar, BAH

Diyaar Al Muharraq - Dredging, Reclamation & Shore Protection

The project consists of the forming of the landmass for the Diyaar Al Muharraq development. The basic shape of the landmass is rectangular but is divided by internal 'canal' crossings. The landmass is protected with rockworks of varying size and thickness dependent on the degree of exposure to fill. The work is planned to be executed in 2 main stages.

Stage 1: consists of approx.34 million m3 of reclamation and 2.4 million tonne rock revetment.

Stage 2: Remaining works with a construction period of 72 months.

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