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Durrat Al Bahrain - Bridges

Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain

Kuwaiti Manager Co. & Bovis Lend Lease J.V

Main Contractor:
Nass - Murray & Roberts JV

Durrat Al Bahrain, BAH

Project Value:
BD 20,591,450


The Contract comprises construction of thirteen concrete bridges on the prestigious 20km2 Durrat Al Bahrain Development, to provide general vehicular access between the individual islands within the overall development with a total length of 3.5 km. Six bridges to connect the Petals with the main Crescent and six others will connect the Petals with the Atolls. One bridge will connect with the hotel island. Const. of walkways promenades between the island. The longest bridges are 520m, the shortest bridges 162m and the bridges to hotel 373m. the width of the bridges is 14.5m and the span of the bridges are 16.2m. These rest on piles of 1.2m diameter each.

The Durrat Al Bahrain development works site is located at the southeast coast of Bahrain, directly south of the Sheikh Isa Air Base.

General description of works:
The construction of 13 major concrete bridges, with a combined deck span length of

Works at the bridges comprise of the following:
Filling for access requirements, bored and cast insitu reinforced piling, reinforced concrete pier beams and bridge substructures, pre-cast post tensioned deck slabs, parapets, sidewalks, service tunnels, waterproofing, asphalting, abutments, wing walls, approach slabs, channel dredging, and scour protection.

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