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Durrat Al Bahrain : Package 2041 Infrastructure Phase

Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain

KMC-BLL Joint Venture

Main Contractor:
Nass Burhan Joint Venture

Durrat Al Bahrain

Project Value:
BD 9,704,379


Development of Durrat Al-Bahrain residential and tourist resort, covering an area of 20 sq. km. Over (13) manmade islands, including carrying out infrastructure works such as roads , substations, water supply system, telecommunications and sewerage networks.

  • All Infrastructure to Atolls 1-4, Petals 1-3 and Mainland “A” as well primary services to Petals 4 & 5
  • Infrastructure included utilities, roads, footpaths, plazas, substations, pumping stations and irrigations lake.
  • Soft landscaping to Mainland “A”
  • Pray park equipment and public landscape furniture

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