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Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway Interchange 2 & link between RA 18.1 to13


Ministry of Works 

Parson Global Services Ltd.

Main Contractor:
Al Yamana - Nass Contracting J.V.

SKBSH, near Roundabout 18, BAH

Project Value:
BD 7,466,985.699


Flyover:  The Grade Separated interchange  2 comprises of construction of one bridge structure and will have dual carriageway for traffic in/out for north and south bounds.

 1   The north bound traffic carriageway will carry the east bound traffic from Sk. Hamad Avenue (leading to R.A 18 in Hamad Town) to Sk. Khalifa Bin Salman Highway  (SKBSH) in the north direction.

2    The south carriageway, which has a trumpet configuration, will provide to road users coming from north to SKBSH an access to Hamad Town at the location of this interchange via Sk. Hamad Avenue to West direction..                     

3    The overall width of the main bridge is 24.2 m. Each carriageway has two traffic lanes  3.75m width each and shoulders of 1.10 m width on the left side and 2.4 m width on the right side.

4    Ramps are of MSE wall construction.

5    Link between RA 18.1 to 13 is the improvement of approximately 1500 meters of two lane carriageway.

6    Earthworks, drainage, footpaths. asphalt paving, pavement markings and street lighting are the major elements included.

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