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Nass Corporation Proposes 15% Dividend

Nass Corporation Board of Directors met on 24th February 2014 to review the financial results of the company for the year ended 31st December 2013. Announcing the results the Nass Corporation B.S.C, Chairman, Mr. Sameer Abdulla Nass said that the company had achieved a gross turnover of BD 80.241 million (BD 119.649 million for 2012) on which it had achieved a Net Profit of BD 4.124 million (BD 4.009 million for 2012). The gross turnover achieved for Q4 2013 was BD 19.660 million (BD 31.261 million for Q4 2012) on which it had achieved a Net profit of BD 0.791 million (BD 1.378 million for Q4 2012). “The company could achieve satisfactory performance for the year inspite of challenging economic and market conditions” said Mr. Nass.

Further,  as a demonstration of our appreciation and commitment to the shareholders, the Board of Directors have recommended a cash dividend of 15 fils per share to its shareholders which is subject to approval of the shareholders in the annual ordinary general assembly meeting to be held on 24th March 2014, added Mr. Nass.

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