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Nass Corporation Shareholders approve distribution of 15% cash dividend

At the AGM, from left, Mr. Hemant Joshi – Advisor to the Board, Mr. Ahmed Attar – Legal Advisor, Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Nass – Chairman, Mr. Sameer Nass - Dy. Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Adel Abdulla Nass – Director, Mr. Ghazi Abdulla Nass - Director
The shareholders of Nass Corporation BSC are to get cash dividend of 15% for the year 2012. This announcement was made during the company’s annual ordinary general

meeting held at Sheraton Bahrain Hotel on 26th March 2013.

The company will pay a cash dividend at 15% of paid up capital amounting to BD 3.226 million on its 215.077 million shares(excludes treasury shares of 4.923 million) held by the shareholders whose name appear in the Register of Members of the company on the record date (AGM date)

The Chairman Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Nass thanked all the shareholders on behalf of the company management and employees for their continued support and confidence in the company.

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