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Founded in 1963 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as “Abdulla Ahmed Nass Contracting Co. W.L.L.” by Late Abdulla Ahmed Nass; today NASS is one of the most respected industrial conglomerate and construction powerhouse in the Middle East.

Early Years

After spending ten years in Saudi Arabia gaining experience of the contracting industry, local entrepreneur and businessman Abdulla Ahmed Nass returned to Bahrain in 1963 to set up his own civil construction and general trading business. He was soon undertaking major construction projects and quickly established a reputation for honest dealing and quality service.

As his business grew, so did his need for a reliable local source of construction services such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and joinery contracting and of materials like cement, sand, aggregate and concrete.

Therefore,,during the 1970s, Abdulla Nass set up companies, many of which were the first of their kind in Bahrain, to provide these services and materials. These were followed in the 1980s by a range of specialist companies to meet the growing needs of the shipping and offshore industries.

Expansion and Diversification

During the 1990’s, Abdulla Nass formed a precast concrete company and entered the food import and wholesale business, with scaffolding, prefabricated piping assembly, sweet water and ice, landscaping, organic fertilizer manufacture and a specialist shipyard (the only one in the Gulf to have totally engineered and built a jack-up oil platform rig) being added to the Nass Group's,Since then Nass Group has made significant contributions to the development of Bahrain’s commercial and industrial infrastructure, undertaking a range of projects in the economy’s key sectors.

The Group extended its horizons beyond Bahrain and has set up affiliates in Kuwait (Al Ghanim Nass General Trading and Contracting Company), Saudi Arabia (Abdulla Ahmed Nass and Partners), Abu Dhabi (Nass The Group) and Oman (Nass Group LLC).

NASS Corporation Today

As part of business restructuring the Group decided to consolidate, primarily its core construction related businesses into Nass Corporation BSC a Bahraini Public Joint Stock Company. Ten construction solutions companies combined under one group to deliver complete turnkey installations and provide clients with a convenient single source of different construction disciplines.

The strength of the Nass Corporation is a shared vision that comes from the unique integration of six divisions and six subsidiaries, all-powerful sources for construction. This understanding orchestrates our collective efforts across the board, and creates a corporate culture conducive to business innovation and success.

With over five decades of solid experience, the corporation specializes directly and through a network of subsidiaries in construction, mechanical and electrical contracting, ready mix and pre-cast concrete manufacturing, sand washing and landscaping, import and wholesale trade of frozen foods and ice production. Each division boasts of a team of specialists committed to meet client’s requirements, and dedicated to the concept of ‘value for money’ for all its stakeholders. The leadership philosophy of Nass Corporation continues to be one of flexibility and adaptation.

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